MagnoBiz Digital Solutions also offers data collection, analysis, and reporting. We help businesses to make better decisions by using the available information. The need for quality data has been increasing along with the proliferation of new technologies like mobile devices and cloud computing.

Types Of Data Analytics

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Structured data is the easiest type for businesses to analyze because it's organized in a way that makes it easy to find and collect.

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Unstructured data is harder to analyze because there's no defined structure, but it can be used for things like sentiment analysis, which analyzes social media posts for emotions.

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Streaming data is the hardest type to analyze because it's constantly streaming in, and businesses have a limited time to collect and process it before they lose the opportunity.

We organize our analysts with seasoned professionals that specialize in data research and analysis. By applying science creatively, we can find deep insights into your campaign’s performance as well as trends or opportunities for future campaigns on the same topic
We know you want to get ahead of competitors so we’ll help sharpen YOUR strategy by providing actionable intelligence – not just numbers!

Data Analytics & Google Analytics

Google Analytics

If you want to make sure your digital marketing efforts are fruitful, it's important that the data from each visitor is accurately tracked and attributed. This way we can analyze how many people visit a particular webpage or navigate through an entire site without clicking on anything else besides their mouse cursor position (which tells us where they started). We cover all these basics with goals/filters/, views-, UTM parameters-and configure GA so there’s no overlooking any opportunity for success!

Data Analytics & Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager

GPM enables us to manage your pixel universe across websites and platforms. The power of centralized pixel management will optimize for specific trigger rules, actions that support digital campaign objectives, as well as provide a single view into all places where you track customer behavior online!

Data Analytics & Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio

The future of true transformation happens when we connect data with decisions. True comprehensive business analytics gives you a complete understanding and insight into your company's performance so that the best possible decisions can be made in order to achieve success for both now, as well as years from now!

Data Analytics & Conversion Tracking

Conversion Tracking

Your prospect's journey starts with our call to action. We help you optimize for maximum revenue gains by using conversion tracking that goes beyond just website visitors and includes phone calls, web forms or other interactions on your site as well!

Google Display Ads

Data That Your Business Needs

Google Search Ads

The data that matters to your business is not always clean and easy. It’s useful for you, but frustrating at times when its hard to find what information we need or what not.

Let our experts help you grow by identifying the metrics that matter most for achieving business goals and building dashboards with reporting so informed decisions can happen faster than ever before!

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